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Russia’s Medvedev to attend NATO summit next month

Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev speaks at a news conference also attended by France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Deauville October 19, 2010. Medvedev said after talks with Sarkozy and Merkel that he would attend a NATO summit next month in Lisbon but wanted more details on an offer to cooperate with the alliance on a missile shield. (Getty Images / REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer )

October 19, 2010 (KATAKAMI / FRANCE 24 / AP)  – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accepted an invitation to a summit of NATO leaders in Portugal next month.

Medvedev said at a summit with the leaders of France and Germany on Tuesday that he will go to the NATO summit in Lisbon.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says “I’m very happy that the Russian president will take part in the NATO summit. I’m pleased there is a basic
wilingness to participate.”

Leaders of NATO countries, including President Barack Obama, are expected to attend the summit.

NATO had invited Russia to join but as of last Friday NATO’s chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he had not had a response from the Kremlin.


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