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U.S. pushing the Palestinian to make a bid response to the Benjamin Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (L) listen to remarks after holding meetings with US President Barak Obama on restarting Middle East peace talks, September 1, 2010 at the White House in Washington, DC. (Photo : CHRIS KLEPONIS/AFP/Getty Images)





October 13,2010 KATAKAMI / ALL VOICES)  — U.S. pushing the Palestinian to make a bid response to the Benjamin NetanyahuBenjamin Netanyahu

United States (U.S.), Tuesday, pushing the Palestinian Authority to make a bid response to the proposal of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The proposal in question is Netanyahu’s willingness to freeze construction of new Jewish settlements if the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Reuter reported from Washington DC , USA, today.

On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed willingness to ask his government to extend freeze new settlement construction project for the citizens of Jewish origin in the West Bank Palestinian leaders to recognize Israel “as the land of the Jewish people.” Netanyahu’s proposal was immediately rejected Palestinian who has long been not to admit the existence of Israel. Impasse attitude that increasingly blur the opportunity for both sides resume peace talks brokered by the United States.

Last September, the negotiation process was hampered by Israel’s refusal to extend 10-month moratorium on construction of new Jewish settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank. As a result, the Palestinians refused to return to the negotiating table if the new Israeli settlement construction is not frozen.

Related to the proposal recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, the Palestinians argued that such recognition will only stop the right of return of Palestinians who fled or were forced to leave their homeland on the Arab-Israeli war to the territory now known as Israel.

Recognition is also seen as the Palestinian side will compromise the rights of Israeli citizens of Arab descent are 20 percent of the total Israeli population. Palestinian parties are looking at various Jewish settlements that the Israeli government built on Palestinian lands that they seized in the War of 1967 that inhibits the establishment of a Palestinian state an ideal.

In explanation of his press conference in Washington, Foreign Ministry spokesman PJ Crowley asserted that the attitude of the White House wants the Palestinians to make a bid response to Netanyahu’s proposal. “Prime Minister Netanyahu has offered what he wanted to contribute to the process (negotiations) is and what he thinks people need from this process. We hope that the Palestinians do the same thing,” he said.

Crowley also supports the position of Israeli Prime Minister reiterated that the U.S. recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. “We recognize Israel as a Jewish state,” he said. U.S. recognition it has long existed and even Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton last March said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict threatens the future of Israel as a Jewish state that is safe and democratic.

Crowley said Washington was trying to find a formula solving this problem and restore the Israeli settlements and the Palestinians to the negotiating table immediately. The talks themselves began in Washington on 2 September, but only lasted three sessions of direct talks before then the process is halted by the end of the moratorium on the construction of Jewish settlements.


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