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French, Spanish FMs meet with King Abdullah, Abbas

President Mahmoud Abbas & King Abdullah II




October 11, 2010 (KATAKAMI) — French Foreign Minister Bernard Kuchner and his Spanish counterpart Miguel Moratinos meet in Amman with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah.

The European ministers, who met with Israeli officials on Sunday, expressed optimism vis-à-vis the peace process, and noted that they believed Europe could assist the process, especially Spain and France.



Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman: Europe should fix itself first

Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman speaks with his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner (R) and his Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos (L) before their meeting in Jerusalem October 10, 2010.



October 11, 2010 (KATAKAMI) — Israel’s foreign minister has told visiting European foreign ministers to solve Europe’s problems before taking on the Middle East.

Avigdor Lieberman’s remarks came during a visit by Bernard Kouchner of France and Spain’s Miguel Angel Moratinos.

Earlier, Mr Kouchner had said that the option of the UN Security Council declaring a Palestinian state could not be ruled out if negotiations failed.

The European ministers are due to meet Palestinian and Jordanian leaders.

They are in the region as part of efforts to save the Middle East peace talks, which are in danger of collapsing.

Palestinian officials say they will pull out of talks if Israel refuses to extend its partial freeze on settlement building in the occupied West Bank.
‘Short shrift’

In an interview published on Sunday by the Palestinian newspaper al-Ayyam, Mr Kouchner said that France preferred a two-state solution to be negotiated with Israel, but added that appealing to the Security Council to resolve the conflict remained a possibility.

“We want to be able to soon welcome the state of Palestine to the United Nations… The international community cannot be satisfied with a prolonged deadlock. I therefore believe that one cannot rule out in principle the Security Council option,” he said.

But he was told to mind his own business by Mr Lieberman during a meeting later on Sunday.

Mr Kouchner said that despite its problems, Europe was “an example of problem solving”.

The French minister noted that Europe was comprised of 27 countries “who were at war for centuries, but which now get along”.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel (C) meets with French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner (L) and Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos on October 10, 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel. (Getty Images)


Following a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he said he was optimistic about a resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli impasse over renewed Jewish settlement building in the West Bank, but said it could take time.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has vowed that there will be no further talks until settlement activity halts.

Over the weekend, Arab League foreign ministers agreed to give the US one month to try and break the deadlock.

Israel has refused Palestinian and international demands to extend a 10-month moratorium on new settler homes that expired last month.

About 500,000 Jews live in more than 100 settlements built since Israel’s 1967 occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. They are considered illegal under international law, although Israel disputes this.


Medvedev takes Schwarzenegger to Russia’s high-tech hub

Dmitry Medvedev and Arnold Schwarzenegger



October 11, 2010 (KATAKAMI) — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev took California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on a visit to Russia’s high-tech research hub outside Moscow on Monday.

Schwarzenegger arrived in Moscow at the head of a delegation of high-tech executives and venture businessmen on Sunday.

Medvedev and the California governor set off for Skolkovo, dubbed Russia’s Silicon Valley, after a meeting at the president’s residence at Gorki.

Schwarzenegger, who played hard-jawed Soviet narc Ivan Danko in a 1988 film Red Heat, said he never thought he would visit the Russian capital as the governor of California.

He said he was impressed by Medvedev’s enthusiasm for developing innovative and “green” technologies.

Tycoon Viktor Vekselberg, who is in charge of the Skolkovo project, played down expectations that the Kremlin and Schwarzenegger-led delegation would sign “political” contracts.

He said the visit was “another step towards boosting cooperation between the U.S. and Russian companies.”

Medvedev has made modernization the focal point of his agenda and is keen to bring U.S. know-how to Skolkovo. He visited Silicon Valley during his visit to the United States in June. He also met with Schwarzenegger during the trip.

GORKI (Moscow region), October 11 (RIA Novosti)

Abbas told Arab summit Israel has ‘cancelled Oslo’: aide

President Mahmoud Abbas attends Arab League Summit, October 09, 2010 in Sirte, Libya. (Getty Images)




October 11, 2010 (KATAKAMI / FRANCE 24 / AFP)  – Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas told Arab leaders over the weekend that Israel has in effect scrapped the landmark 1993 Oslo autonomy accords, an aide said on Monday.

“Abbas affirmed to the Arabs that Israel has effectively cancelled the Oslo agreement and the other agreements it has signed with the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO),” chief negotiator Saeb Erakat told AFP.

He went on to accuse Israel of having stripped the Palestinian Authority of much of its limited powers in the occupied territories and of “intruding on a daily basis” into areas governed by the Palestinians, Erakat said.
“If Israel does not respect agreements or adhere to implementing them then how can the PLO and the Palestinian Authority adhere to them?” he asked.

The 1993 Oslo accords formally launched the peace process based on autonomy and led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority, which was to govern parts of the occupied West Bank and Gaza until a final agreement.

But after nearly two decades of sputtering talks Israel and the Palestinians remain bitterly divided on core issues and Abbas has refused to negotiate without a complete freeze of Jewish settlement building on Palestinian lands.

Erakat said that Abbas, at the Arab summit in the Libyan city of Sirte, also spelled out several alternatives to direct negotiations should Israel continue to build in the occupied territories.

One option would have the Palestinians demand US recognition of a state in the Palestinian territories occupied in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war: the West Bank, Gaza Strip and annexed Arab east Jerusalem.

Abbas said other options include demanding full membership from the UN General Assembly and the Security Council or requesting an international mandate to govern the Palestinian territories, Erakat said.

“Abbas did not say he would resign or dissolve the Palestinian Authority,” Erakat said, referring to far more drastic steps to which the Palestinians have alluded in the past.

“But he said that since Israel has cancelled the Oslo accords and the other agreements and stripped the power of the Palestinian Authority over Palestinian lands, why should it remain in place?”

The latest round of peace talks was relaunched on September 2 in Washington but ground to a halt when a 10-month partial moratorium on Israeli settlements expired on September 26.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to extend the restrictions, a move opposed by much of his right-wing-led coalition, but he has encouraged the Palestinians to stick to the talks.


PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting ( 10/10/2010 )

OCTOBER 10: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opens the weekly cabinet meeting at his Jerusalem office on October 10, 2010 in Jerusalem, Israel. (Getty Images)






October 10, 2010 (KATAKAMI / PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE) — Following are excerpts from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting today:

“Today, the Cabinet will discuss an amendment to the Citizenship Law, to the effect that anyone seeking to become a naturalized Israeli citizen will declare the he or she will be a loyal citizen of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

In 1896, Theodor (Binyamin Zeev) Herzl wrote: ‘The Jews who are seeking a state will have a state.  Finally, we will live as free people on our own land.’

Fifty-one years later, on the eve of independence, David Ben-Gurion wrote: ‘The state that will be established will be Jewish in its purpose, designation and objective; not a state of those Jews who reside in the country but a state for the Jews, for the Jewish People.”

Our Declaration of Independence says: ‘We hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish State in the Land of Israel, to be known as the state of Israel.’

In 1992, the Knesset – in Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty – determined: ‘The purpose of this Basic Law is to protect human dignity and liberty, in order to establish in a Basic Law the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.’

This is the essence of the Zionist vision, of the Declaration of Independence and of the structure of administration in Israel.

The State of Israel is the national state of the Jewish People and is a democratic state in which all its citizens – Jewish and non-Jewish – enjoy fully equal rights.

To my regret, today, there are those who are trying to blur not only the unique connection between the Jewish People and its homeland, but also the connection between the Jewish People and its state.  Democracy is the soul of Israel and we cannot do without it.  No one can preach democracy or enlightenment to us.  Zionism established an exemplary national state, a state that balances between the national needs of our people and the individual rights or every citizen in the country.

There is no other democracy in the Middle East.

There is no other Jewish state in the world.

The combination of these two lofty values expresses the foundation of our national life and anyone who would like to join us needs to recognize this.

Today marks the beginning of the academic year at 66 institutions of higher learning throughout Israel.  The new academic year is marked by two main issues that we have led, along with Education Minister Gideon Saar: Fostering excellence and encouraging the periphery.  This is the first time that the higher education system is opening the academic year with a multi-year plan that has been budgeted in advance for six years.  This plan encourages scientific excellence according to international standards.

In the coming year, the first four centers of excellence will be established alongside the universities.  These are the first four out of a planned 30 centers that will be established over the next six years, at an overall investment of NIS 450 million.  Each center will operate a unique program to bring back outstanding minds from abroad.  Our goal is to return to Israel Israeli scientists and researchers from the world’s leading universities.

For the periphery, several weeks ago the Cabinet approved tuition payments for discharged soldiers, for their first year of study.  At the same time, this year we are increasing the number of students at colleges in the north and south of the country, and in Jerusalem.  We are also encouraging Israel’s ultra-orthodox and Arab citizens’ access to higher education by allocating student quotas to these sectors and financing special programs.

I would like to commend the 293,000 students.  May they have a successful, excellent and meaningful academic year.”

Nobel Peace laureate’s wife remains under house arrest

Lawyer hopes Nobel will help Liu Xiaobo



October 11, 2010. Beijing, China (KATAKAMI / CNN) — Liu Xia, the wife of Nobel Peace laureate and Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, remains under house arrest in Beijing and banned from talking to friends or media, his lawyer said.

Shang Baojun also said he would try to push for Liu Xiaobo’s early release, but doubted it would happen.

“The precondition for sentence reduction or parole is an acknowledgement of your crime,” he said. “If Xiaobo would do that, he wouldn’t have won the peace prize.”

Liu Xia was taken to see her husband Saturday in a prison about 500 kilometers (311 miles) northeast of Beijing and told him of the honor.

On hearing the news, the wife later posted on Twitter.com, Liu Xiaobo began to cry and said, “This is for the martyrs of Tiananmen Square.”

Despite allowing the brief meeting, Chinese authorities have cut off Liu Xia’s communications with the outside world since Friday night, prompting protests from human rights organizations.

“It’s absolutely outrageous,” said Beth Schwanke, legislative counsel for the U.S.-based group Freedom Now.

Liu Xia’s mobile phone service has been disconnected, but she resumed updating her Twitter account — albeit intermittently — after returning home Sunday.

Her first tweet confirmed her home confinement and that police had broken her mobile phone.

“We’ll talk about the future later,” she added, but has since been only retweeting others’ comments and articles.

One of the items Liu Xia posted was a link to Charter 08, a manifesto calling for political reform and human rights in China co-authored by her husband, which landed him in prison for “inciting subversion of state power.”

Since her husband won the peace prize, Liu Xia has gained several thousand new Twitter followers.

News of the win continues to be heavily censored across Chinese media — in print, on air and online. The government has even blocked the peace prize section of the official Nobel Web site.

Authorities pulled the plug on international television networks — including CNN — when the Nobel Committee announced the winner Friday, and CNN’s reports on Liu have remained blacked out.

China’s state media have ratcheted up their rhetoric against the peace prize, after the foreign ministry called the choice of Liu a “blasphemy” to the prize. Most news portals carried a dispatch from the official Xinhua news agency, quoting a Russian commentator who criticized the prize as being a political tool of the West.

China Daily, the official English-language newspaper, ran a commentary that said the Nobel decision was a Western plot to contain a rising China. Another article, with the scathing headline “A Chinese traitor who received a prize is still a Chinese traitor,” has circulated online.

Despite official determination to erase all positive mentions of Liu from the public domain, his victory has inspired great enthusiasm among many in China, especially in the country’s nascent but fast-growing civic society,

“I felt very moved, because the award was also for all the Chinese who pursue freedom and democracy in this country,” said activist lawyer Xu Zhiyong.

He said police detained at least three people for celebrating Liu’s win, with several activists remaining under house arrest.

One of them is dissident Zhou Duo in Beijing. He told CNN that police officers began guarding his doors Saturday night after he returned from a dinner party in honor of Liu.

“It really shows the government’s total lack of self-confidence despite the appearance of their strength,” he said.

Referring to the foreign ministry’s angry response, Zhou said it actually revealed Beijing’s deep emotional attachment to the Nobel prizes.

“It’s only a blasphemy because they consider it sacred,” he said.

Already, Chinese news Web sites have started reporting on the Nobel prize in economics — to be given out Monday — as if nothing happened last Friday.

Kado Ciuman Mesra & Setangkai Mawar Putih Dari Isteri Untuk Ulangtahun BHD






Jakarta 11/10/2010 (KATAKAMI) — Secara EKSKLUSIF, selama seharian penuh KATAKAMI.COM berada di kediaman dinas Kapolri Jenderal BambangHendarso Danuri di hari Minggu ( 10/10/2010).

Sengaja tulisan ini dimuat sehari setelah acara demi acara di kediaman dinas Kapolri itu berlangsung sebab kami ingin menghormati “PRIVACY” dari Keluarga Besar Kapolri BHD.

Momen penting memang terjadi yaitu Kapolri BHD berulangtahun yang ke 58. Sang Isteri tercinta ( Nani Bambang Hendarso Danuri) mengawali hari spesial suaminya dengan sholat tahajud Minggu dinihari.

Di tengah malam itulah ia menyampaikan ucapan selamat ulang tahun pada suaminya disertai ciuman mesra.

Dilanjutkan pada Minggu pagi, Ibu Nani mengundang sejumlah ibu-ibu Bayangkari anggota pengajian dari Angkatan 1974 ( Angkatan kelulusan Jenderal BHD).

Acara “Sholat Tasbih” ini menandai ulangtahun Jenderal BHD di penghujung tugasnya sebagai Tri Brata 1.

Acara yang digelar sederhana sekali.

Dan buah tangan yang diberikan kepada para tamu adalah mukena berwarna coklat muda.

Siang harinya, kediaman dinas Kapolri mulai melakukan persiapan karena pada malam harinya akan digelar acara syukuran yang akan dihadiri oleh para pejabat utama dan Kapolda. Khusus untuk acara syukuran ini, “tuan rumah” adalah staf di Mabes Polri.

“Saya sudah ingatkan kepada Korspri (Koordinator Sekretaris Pribadi), saya tidak ikut-ikutan untuk acara makan malam. Silahkan buat dan saya akan menyiapkan makanan. Tetapi staf harus bisa meyakinkan Bapak (Kapolri) agar beliau mau “hadir” di acara ulangtahunnya. Bukan apa-apa, Bapak paling tidak mau kalau ulangtahunnya dipestakan. Bapak itu inginnya sederhana” kata Ibu Nani Bambang Hendarso Danuri kepada KATAKAMI.COM, Minggu (10/10/2010).



Foto : Kapolri BHD


Sambil menunggu acara syukuran makan malam di kediaman dinas Kapolri di Jalan Pattimura Jakarta Selatan, Kapolri BHD menerima KATAKAMI.COM di ruang kerjanya untuk sebuah wawancara eksklusif.

Wawancara eksklusif itu akan kami muat pada kesempatan berikutnya mengenai kesan dan pesan dari Kapolri BHD sepanjang ia menjabat sebagai Kapolri selama 2 tahun.

Dan pada malam harinya, acara syukuran ulang tahun Kapolri berlangsung sangat hikmat dan penuh rasa persaudaraan antar Keluarga Besar Polr.

Acara ini dimeriahkan juga dengan penampilan trio Srimulat yaitu Tukul Arwana, Tarzan & Nunung.

Yang cukup menarik, Kapolri BHD satu meja dengan Wakapolri Komjen Jusuf Manggabarani, Irwasum Komjen Nanan Soekarna, Komjen Imam Sudjarwo, Komjen Timur Pradopo dan Komjen Wahyono.

Sejumlah Kapolda hadir dalam acara tersebut ( tapi tidak semua Kapolda dari seluruh Indonesia yang hadir, hanya beberapa saja yang hadir).

Kapolri memotong kue ulangtahunnya yang dihiasi dengan topi polisi dan lilin berbentuk angka 58.

Ia memotong kue ulang tahun itu dan menyuapkan kue tersebut untuk pertama kali kepada sang isteri tercinta.

Acara yang cukup menarik adalah acara SPONTANITAS sebab dalam acara ini Kapolri menunjuk pejabat Polri untuk menyumbangkan suaranya.

Pejabat pertama yang jadi “korban” adalah Kapolda Metro Jaya Irjen Sutarman.

Tetapi Kapolda Metro Jaya cukup panjang akalnya. Ia meminta seluruh Kapolri yang kebetulan hadir dalam acara Kapolri maju ke depan dan ikut bersama-sama dengan dirinya bernyanyi dengan membawakan lagu I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.



Foto : Komjen Nanan Soekarna dan Komjen Imam Sudjarwo


Pejabat kedua yang jadi “korban” adalah Irwasum Polri Komjen Nanan Soekarna.

Seakan tidak mau kalah dengan paduan suara dari jajaran “Kapolda” maka Nanan meminta pada pejabat utama Mabes Polri untuk maju ke depan.

Maka majulah sejumlah perwira tinggi Polri untuk menyumbangkan suara mereka yaitu antara lain Kabaintelkam Komjen Wahyono, Kalemdikpol Komjen Imam Sudjarwo, Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi dan sejumlah pejabat utama lainnya. Kelompok paduan suara pejabat utama Mabes Polri ini menyanyikan lagu AYAH :


Untuk Ayah Tercinta
aku Ingin Bernyanyi

Walau Air Mata Di Pipiku

Ayah Dengarkanlah
aku Ingin Berjumpa

Walau Hanya Dalam Mimpi

Lihatlah Hari Berganti

Namun Tiada Seindah Dahulu

Datanglah aku Ingin Bertemu

Untukmu aku Bernyanyi

Untuk Ayah Tercinta
aku Ingin Bernyanyi

Walau Air Mata Di Pipiku

Ayah Dengarkanlah
aku Ingin Berjumpa

Walau Hanya Dalam Mimpi


Foto : Komjen Timur Pradopo


Sementara itu, calon kapolri Komjen Timur Pradopo juga ditodong untuk bernyanyi. Tak disangka-sangka, ternyata Timur Pradopo bersuara emas. Calon pengganti BHD ini memiliki suara yang sangat merdu.

Timur yang juga merupakan mantan Kapolda Metro Jaya ini membawakan lagu FIRMAN IDOL yang berjudul : KEHILANGAN.

Ku coba ungkap tabir ini
Kisah antara kau dan aku
Terpisahkan oleh ruang dan waktu
Menyudutkanmu meninggalkanku

Ku merasa tlah kehilangan
Cintamu yang tlah lama hilang
Kau pergi jauh karena salahku
Yang tak pernah menganggap kamu ada

Asmara memisahkan kita
Mengingatkanku pada dirimu
Gelora mengingatkanku
Bahwa cintamu tlah merasuk jantungku

Sejujurnya ku tak bisa
Hidup tanpa ada kamu aku gila
Seandainya kamu bisa
Mengulang kembali lagi cinta kita

Takkan ku sia-siakan kamu lagi





Lalu Wakapolri Komjen Jusuf Manggabarani.

Yang sangat menggelikan, saat Wakapolri Jusuf Manggabarani tampil ke depan untuk menyumbangkan suaranya, ia mengatakan bahwa dirinya tidak datang sendirian.

Jusuf Mangga yang merupakan Mantan Komandan Brimob, meminta agar para Mantan Komandan Brimob yang kebetulan hadir dalam acara ulang tahun itu maju ke depan.

Maka Jusuf Mangga tampil bersama Kepala Lemdikpol Polri Komjen Imam Sudjarwo, Irjen SY Wenas. Mereka membawakan lagu PELANGI DI MATAMU :


(Reff) : Ingin ku maki
diriku sendiri
yang tak berkutik di depanmu

Ada yang lain di senyummu
yang membuat lidahku
gugup tak bergerak

Ada pelangi di bola matamu
seakan memaksa dan terus memaksa
ada pelangi

Ada yang lain di senyummu
yang membuat lidahku
gugup tak bergerak

Ada pelangi di bola matamu
dan memaksa diri tuk bilang
Aku sayang padamu
Aku sayang padamu



Foto : Kapolri BHD dan Wakapolri Jusuf Manggabarani



Dan kalau mau terus terang, koor atau paduan suara dari “KORPS BRIMOB” inilah yang suaranya paling hancur dan amburadul karena suara mereka saling kejar-kejaran.

Tetapi para jenderal “PARA MANTAN KOMANDAN BRIMOB” ini, benar-benar sangat percaya diri walaupun suara mereka amburadul saat bernyanyi.

Tetapi Kapolri BHD sangat bahagia dengan semua penampilan bawahannya yang menunjukkan kekompakan dan rasa kebersamaan yang sangat tinggi.

Perayaan ulangtahun Kapolri BHD yang ke 58 memang cukup sederhana dan diadakan persis di penghujung masa bakti BHD pada institusi Kepolisian.

Mulai tanggal 1 November 2010 mendatang, Kapolri BHD resmi memasuki masa pensiun.

Genap 2 tahun ia memimpin Polri dengan beragam suka dan duka.

“Sudah banyak sebenarnya perubahan yang ke arah yang lebih baik dari institusi Polri. Jadi jangan dibilang bahwa Polri itu tidak berubah atau jalan di tempat. Polri sudah berubah” demikian yang disampaikan BHD di hadapan tamu undangan yang memenuhi kediaman dinasnya Minggu malam.




BHD ingin mengajak sang isteri untuk berlibur sejenak di saat ia lengser nanti.

Dan simaklah sebuah kejutan dari sang isteri di hari ulang tahun Kapolri.

Ibu Nani Bambang Hendarso Danuri memberikan setangkai mawar putih dan mengatakan pada sang suami, “Jangan takut Sayang, ada aku disini. Biarpun tak lagi jadi Kapolri, aku akan setia mendampingimu”.

Ciuman mesra dan setangkai mawar putih memang menjadi hadiah dari isteri tercinta untuk Kapolri BHD.

Cucu tertua BHD yaitu Alia juga mempunyai hadiah khusus untuk sang kakek ( yang biasa dipanggilnya dengan sebutan ABAH ).

“Aku gak tahu harus kasih hadiah apa buat Abah. Hadiah dari aku, rasa SAYANG aja ya buah Abah. AKu gak punya hadiah lain, aku cuma punya hadiah itu” kata Alia yang masih berumur 6 tahun ini kepada KATAKAMI.COM.

Sementara anak sulung BHD yang bernama Hanny, juga mempunyai hadiah khusus untuk sang ayah.

“Hadiah saya untuk Bapak adalah DOA. Doa anak untuk orangtuanya sangat ampuh. Itu yang paling penting buat saya untuk diberikan kepada orangtua yaitu Doa” kata Hanny kepada KATAKAMI.COM di sela-sela acara ulangtahun Kapolri BHD pada Minggu malam.

Selamat Ulang Tahun Bapak Kapolri.

Salam hormat, doa dan ucapan selamat ulang tahun kami sampaikan secara tulus.