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Pope Benedict Calls for Peace in Somalia

August 27, 2010

Castel Gandolfo, Italy (KATAKAMI / ALL AFRICA.COM)  — Pope Benedict XVI has urged respect for life and human rights in Somalia, where a clash between government forces and Islamist insurgents has resulted in as many as 80 deaths.

“My thoughts go to Mogadishu from where news continues to arrive of cruel violence. I am united with the families of the victims and of all those who, in Somalia, are suffering because of hatred and instability. I hope that, with the help of the international community, no efforts will be spared to re-establish respect for life and for human rights,” the pope said.

The pope was speaking on August 25, at the end of the general audience held in Castel Gandolfo where he made an appeal for Mogadishu.

Violence erupted in the Somali capital on Monday between the Al-Qaeda-inspired al-Shabab rebels and government forces backed by the African Union (AU).

Somalia President Sharif Sheikh Ahmend also condemned the attacks, saying these will only redouble the Somalia people’s resistance against this transient menace.


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