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Russia Putin says cannot criticize late President Yeltsin

August 23, 2010

(KATAKAMI / RIA NOVOSTI)  Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has recently written an introduction to the book about the late Russian President Boris Yeltsin, saying he could not criticize the person who determined his future.

The Yeltsin’s biography, written by Boris Minayev, was published on the eve of the anniversary of Russia’s August coup d’etat in 1991 that resulted in ousting President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and proclaiming Yeltsin the new president of Russia.

Russian social political weekly Ogonyok published on Monday the introduction written by Putin, who succeeded Yeltsin on the highest state position in 2000.

“I said several times that when Yeltsin’s presidency was coming to an end, that I saw a different destiny for myself. But everything turned out differently. And this was the choice of my life,” Putin wrote.

Putin said the unbiased assessment of Yeltsin’s actions can be made over the years since “we, contemporaries, are definitely biased to everything that was happening before our eyes.”

The premier said he personally could not criticize Yeltsin either.

Putin recalled what Yeltsin said when leaving the Kremlin in 2000: “Take care of Russia.”

“These exact words should remain in history, to become the main parting words for everybody who takes this high position,” Putin said.


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