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Passenger plane crashes near Islamabad, all 152 on board feared dead


Map locates Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan, where a plane took off and crashed, respectively. (Getty Images)

July 28, 2010

NEW DELHI, July 28 (KATAKAMI / RIA Novosti) – All 152 people on board a passenger plane that crashed near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on Wednesday are feared dead, national media said.

The plane, which was flying from Turkey to Islamabad via the Pakistani city of Karachi, was carrying 146 passengers and 6 crew members.

“The plane was landing in Islamabad when something went wrong,” an aviation spokesman said, adding that it is still unknown what caused the problem.

National media reported that the plane burst into flame and thick black smoke engulfed the area.

The plane crashed in the Margalla Hills, about 30 km from Islamabad airport.

Rescue helicopters are working at the site, however, heavy rains and thick fog may impede the operations.

Hospitals in Islamabad have already begun working in emergency mode. (*)


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