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Pope Benedict XVI : “We’re not alone in prayer”

(KATAKAMI / CNA, July 26, 2010) CASTEL GANDOLFO – During the Holy Father’s Angelus he addressed the faithful about the terrible accident in Duisburg, Germany. The accident left 19 people dead, and many others wounded. He stated his prayers and thoughts are with the victims, and their families.

Benedict XVI went onto say we are not alone when we pray the Lord’s prayer. We are never alone, said the Holy Father. We are not alone, because the Church is praying with us. Christ hears your prayers, and always listens to your thoughts and concerns. For Christ is Lord, and God is the Father, claimed Benedict XVI.

The Lord’s prayer is a prayer of peace, and love. We pray it not alone, but with the entire Church. One Our Father sums up the global mission of the Catholic Church.  (*)


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