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Pope Benedict XVI to return to Vatican City this August


Pope Benedict XVI reads the Osservatore Romano newspaper in his summer residence of Castelgandolfo, south of Rome, July 23, 2010. (Getty Images)

(KATAKAMI / CNA, July 24, 2010) The Holy Father, Benedict XVI will be returning to the Vatican during the first week of August. The Holy Father is having a long rest from his papal duties in the Apostolic Palace of Castel Gandolfo.

Unlike last year the Holy Father has not been doing any weekly general audiences. He is rarely seen peeking out of his bedroom window, and seen during the Sunday Angelus prayer. The Holy Father is looking forward to returning to the City state of the Vatican (Citta Del Vaticano) this up-coming August.

From the Vatican he will be taking the “Shepherd I” plane to the United Kingdom, where he will meet Queen Elizabeth II. His papal trip to the United Kingdom will be one of the most exciting trips of his papal ministry. This is also the first time the Pope will visit England, as the Successor of Peter.  (*)


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