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19 killed at Love Parade festival in Duisburg

 Angela Merkel was saddened by the deaths at Love Parade (PA)

July 25, 2010

(KATAKAMI / METRO.CO.UK)   Tragedy struck at the dance music event on Saturday after a stampede broke out in a tunnel entrance.

It is thought police had been trying to prevent overcrowding at the site after more than one million people turned up for the festival.

As thousands more people tried to reach the site through the tunnel, a stampede developed and scores of them were crushed.

German authorities have confirmed there were 19 fatalities, but warned the figure could rise as many people suffered serious injuries.

Paramedics resuscitated ten people at the scene and around 100 were taken to hospital.

As investigations began into why the crush happened, Ms Merkel spoke of the nation’s horror.

“Young people came to party. Instead, there was death and injury. I am aghast and saddened by the sorrow and the pain,” she said.

Police and organisers ordered the festival to continue as paramedics attempted to treat the casualties and a fleet of helicopters arrived to ferry the injured to hospital.

They later explained they had feared cancelling the event could lead to further crowd surges.  (*)


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