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Ghana can host 2026 World Cup

July 23, 2010

(KATAKAMI / AFRICANEWS.COM)  Ghana can be the second African country to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026 after South Africa, according to the Chief Executive Officer of Anator Holding Company Limited Alfred Woyome. He said hosting the event is a huge opportunity for any nation who wins the bid to put up development projects.

The global showpiece returns to Africa in the next 16 years and Ghana can be the second African nation to host it.

He further explained that they create the chances for countries to build their infrastructures to a standard of developed nations and help raise the standard of living of their citizens.

Woyome told Asempa FM: “Ghana is in a good position to host the World Cup but it is just that we have not realized it and we all think it is impossible but I believe it is something when we plan very well we can execute.

“We have to believe in what we want to do and implement a good development plan for the next sixteen years where we can spend about 22 million dollars to host the world cup.”


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