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David Cameron's tribute to British soldiers in Afghanistan

David Cameron's tribute to British soldiers in Afghanistan

David Cameron recently returned from his first visit as Prime Minister to British troops in Afghanistan
June 21, 2010


(TELEGRAPH.CO.UK)  In a statement, the Prime Minister paid tribute to those who had died but reaffirmed Britain’s commitment to succeed in Afghanistan.

He said: “It is desperately sad news. Another family with such grief and pain and loss.

“Of course the 300th death is no more or less tragic than the 299 that came before.

“But it is a moment, I think, for the whole country to reflect on the incredible service and sacrifice and dedication that our armed services give on our behalf.

“We are paying a high price for keeping our country safe, for making our world a safer place, and we should keep asking why we are there and how long we must be there.

“The truth is that we are there because the Afghans are not yet ready to keep their own country safe and to keep terrorists and terrorist training camps out of their country. That’s why we have to be there.

“But as soon as they are able to take care and take security for their own country, that is when we can leave.”


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