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President says Iran, Saudi Arabia should stand by each other


June 14, 2010

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Sunday that Iran and Saudi Arabia should stand by each other because they have splendid position and share common interests and enemies.
“Iran and Saudi Arabia should taje the side of each other given their common religion, outstanding position and common interests and enemies,” President Ahmadinejad told Saudi Arabia’s new ambassador to Tehran Mohammed Ibn Abbas al-Kallabi here on Sunday.

The president said Iran and Saudi Arabia should have fraternal bonds for three reasons: First of all they are Muslim and follower of a common religion; secondly, both are main bastions for Muslims and thirdly they have common enemies.

He said Iranians’ resistance to the US and the Zionist regime is in fact aimed at defending entire regional states. “Enemies are seeking geopolitical change of the region, including Saudi Arabia, and today, the Iranian nation has powerfully stood up to their sinister wishes and is supporting all Muslim states as a duty.”

President Ahmadinejad also told the Saudi diplomat that there are extensive grounds for Iran-Saudi Arabia cooperation.

“The cultural, religious, political, international and economic grounds and defense of rights of Muslims are the opportunities which both countries can seize for expansion of mutual cooperation. Absolutely, there are many enemies which do not wish closer ties between the two countries. We should be careful and nullify their plans. If Iran and Saudi Arabia stand by each other, enemies will not dare to continue aggression, occupation or pressurize world Muslims,” said President Ahmadinejad.

Al-Kallabi, submitting his credentials to the President, said in turn that his country wants to have extensive cooperation with Iran, believing that there are ample subjects which the two countries should address through mutual cooperation.

Undoubtedly, no body can affect mutual ties thanks to strong determination of the two countries’ officials to upgrade bilateral and regional ties and cooperation, he added.


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